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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20212D/2D atomic double-layer WS₂/Nb₂O₅ shell/core nanosheets with ultrafast interfacial charge transfer for boosting photocatalytic H₂ evolutionLin, Bo; Chen, Hao; Zhou, Yao; Luo, Xiao; Tian, Dan; Yan, Xiaoqing; Duan, Ruihuan; Di, Jun; Kang, Lixing; Zhou, Aimin; Yang, Guidong; Li, Yonghui; Zhou, Jiadong; Liu, Zheng; Liu, Fucai
2008Access structures of elliptic secret sharing schemesChen, Hao; Ling, San; Xing, Chaoping
2021Analysis of synergistic stator permanent magnet machine with the synergies of flux-switching and flux-reversal effectsCai, Shun; Chen, Hao; Yuan, Xin; Wang, Yun-Chong; Shen, Jian-Xin; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2015ARG-walker: inference of individual specific strengths of meiotic recombination hotspots by population genomics analysisPrzytycka, Teresa M.; Zheng, Jie; Chen, Hao; Yang, Peng; Guo, Jing; Kwoh, Chee Keong
2001Asymptotically good quantum codes exceeding the Ashikhmin-Litsyn-Tsfasman boundChen, Hao; Ling, San; Xing, Chaoping
 2022Chiral phonon diode effect in chiral crystalsChen, Hao; Wu, Weikang; Zhu, Jiaojiao; Yang, Zhengning; Gong, Weikang; Gao, Weibo; Yang, Shengyuan A.; Zhang, Lifa
2022Chiral phonons in lattices with C₄ symmetryWang, Qianqian; Li, Si; Zhu, Jiaojiao; Chen, Hao; Wu, Weikang; Gao, Weibo; Zhang, Lifa; Yang, Shengyuan A.
2022Comparative study and design optimization of a dual-mechanical-port electric machine for hybrid electric vehicle applicationsChen, Hao; El-Refaie, Ayman M.; Zuo, Yuefei; Cai, Shun; Cao, Libing; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2022Comprehensive armature reaction modeling and flux weakening optimization of a surface permanent magnet vernier motorZhu, Jingwei ; Fan, Ying; Chen, Hao; Chen, Jiahao; Zuo, Yuefei; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2021A consequent-pole magnetic-geared machine with axially embedded permanent magnets for hybrid electric vehicleXie, Shuangchun; Chen, Hao; Zuo, Yuefei; Shen, Fawen; Han, Boon Siew; Hoang, Chi Cuong; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2021Deep-investigated analytical modeling of a surface permanent magnet vernier motorZhu, Jingwei ; Zuo, Yuefei; Chen, Hao; Chen, Jiahao; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2022Design and analysis of a doubly salient wound field starter generator for cost-effective automobile applicationCai, Shun; Wang, Yu; Chen, Hao; Yuan, Xin; Yu, Li; Zhang, Zhuoran; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
 2023Design and analysis of a variable-speed constant-amplitude wind generator for stand-alone DC power applicationsChen, Hao; El-Refaie, Ayman M.; Zuo, Yuefei; Cai, Shun; Tang, Junfei; Liu, Yujing; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2021Diagnosis of open-phase faults for a five-phase PMSM fed by a closed-loop vector-controlled drive based on magnetic field pendulous oscillation techniqueChen, Hao; He, JiangBiao; Demerdash, Nabeel A. O.; Guan, Xing; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2021Evaluation of a contra-rotating flux-modulated machine featured with dual flux-modulation for wind power generationChen, Hao; El-Refaie, Ayman M.; Zuo, Yuefei; Cai, Shun; Xie, Shuangchun; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
 2017A feature-based compressive spectrum sensing technique for cognitive radio operationChen, Hao; Vun, Chan Hua
2019‘Foreign Interference’ in Hong Kong : China’s Own Historical AntecedentsLoh, Dylan Ming Hui; Chen, Hao
2023Gate-tunable anomalous Hall effect in Bernal tetralayer grapheneChen, Hao; Arora, Arpit; Song, Justin Chien Wen; Loh, Kian Ping
2022Human-guided safe and efficient trajectory replanning for unmanned aerial vehiclesZhang, Zezhong; Chen, Hao; Lye, Sun Woh; Lv, Chen
2023Hybrid physics-data-driven online modelling: framework, methodology and application to electric vehiclesChen, Hao; Lou, Shanhe; Lv, Chen