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 2018An air balancing method using support vector machine for a ventilation systemJing, Gang; Cai, Wenjian; Chen, Haoran; Zhai, Deqing; Cui, Can; Yin, Xiaohong
 2018Airflow measurements using averaging Pitot tube under restricted conditionsCui, Can; Cai, Wenjian; Chen, Haoran
2018Critical role of chloride in organic ammonium spacer on the performance of Low-dimensional Ruddlesden-Popper perovskite solar cellsChen, Haoran; Xia, Yingdong; Wu, Bo; Liu, Feng; Niu, Tingting; Chao, Lingfeng; Xing, Guichuan; Sum, Tze Chien; Chen, Yonghua; Huang, Wei
2018Design printed circuit board for single-input dual-output flyback converterChen, Haoran
2019Design resonant component for 380V/760V CLLC resonant converterChen, Haoran
2018Effects of airflow rate and supply air temperature on the airflow pattern under active chilled beam systemWu, Bingjie; Cai, Wenjian; Chen, Haoran
 2018Experimental investigation on airflow pattern for active chilled beam systemWu, Bingjie; Cai, Wenjian; Chen, Haoran; Ji, Ke
2016Experimental study on a multi-evaporator refrigeration system with variable area ratio ejectorLi, Cui; Yan, Jia; Li, Yanzhong; Cai, Wenjian; Lin, Chen; Chen, Haoran
 2021A hybrid data-driven simultaneous fault diagnosis model for air handling unitsWu, Binjie; Cai, Wenjian; Chen, Haoran; Zhang, Xin
2016Modeling and balancing of HVAC air duct systemsChen, Haoran