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 2013Argon plasma reduced Pt nanocatalysts supported on carbon nanotube for aqueous phase benzyl alcohol oxidationZhou, Chunmei; Chen, Hong; Yan, Yibo; Jia, Xinli; Liu, Chang-jun; Yang, Yanhui
2017Dietary phytochemical PEITC restricts tumor development via modulation of epigenetic writers and erasersPark, Jung Eun; Sun, Yang; Lim, Sai Kiang; Tam, James P.; Dekker, Matthijs; Chen, Hong; Sze, Siu Kwan
2021Energy cost study for controlling complex social networks with conformity behaviorChen, Hong; Yong, Ee Hou
 2012An evaluation of classification models for question topic categorizationQu, Bo; Cong, Gao; Li, Cuiping; Sun, Aixin; Chen, Hong
2021Hardware-friendly stochastic and adaptive learning in memristor convolutional neural networksZhang, Wei; Pan, Lunshuai; Yan, Xuelong; Zhao, Guangchao; Chen, Hong; Wang, Xingli; Tay, Beng Kang; Zhong, Gaokuo; Li, Jiangyu; Huang, Mingqiang
2021Investigating the energy cost for controlling complex social networksChen, Hong
2018Observation of valley Landau-Zener-Bloch oscillations and pseudospin imbalance in photonic grapheneSun, Yong; Leykam, Daniel; Nenni, Stephen; Song, Daohong; Chen, Hong; Chong, Yi Dong; Chen, Zhigang
2020Optimizing target nodes selection for the control energy of directed complex networksChen, Hong; Yong, Ee Hou
2017Physics of networksChen, Hong
 2018Strategic investment in enhancing port–hinterland container transportation network resilience : a network game theory approachChen, Hong; Lam, Jasmine Siu Lee; Liu, Nan