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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 20141,2-dihydrophosphete: A platform for the molecular engineering of electroluminescent phosphorus materials for light-emitting devicesChen, Hui; Pascal, Simon; Wang, Zuoyong; Bouit, Pierre-Antoine; Wang, Zisu; Zhang, Yinlong; Tondelier, Denis; Geffroy, Bernard; Réau, Régis; Mathey, François; Duan, Zheng; Hissler, Muriel
 20122,2′-biphospholes : building blocks for tuning the HOMO-LUMO gap of π-systems using covalent bonding and metal coordinationChen, Hui; Delaunay, Wylliam; Yu, Liujian; Joly, Damien; Wang, Zuoyong; Li, Jin; Wang, Zisu; Lescop, Christophe; Tondelier, Denis; Geffroy, Bernard; Duan, Zheng; Hissler, Muriel; Mathey, François; Réau, Régis
2021ArSMART : an improved SMART NoC design supporting arbitrary-turn transmissionChen, Hui; Chen, Peng; Zhou, Jun; Duong, Luan H. K.; Liu, Weichen
 2013Benzofuran-fused phosphole : synthesis, electronic, and electroluminescence propertiesChen, Hui; Delaunay, Wylliam; Li, Jing; Wang, Zuoyong; Bouit, Pierre-Antoine; Tondelier, Denis; Geffroy, Bernard; Mathey, François; Duan, Zheng; Réau, Régis; Hissler, Muriel
 2012Copper-catalyzed aerobic aliphatic C–H oxygenation directed by an amidine moietyWang, Yi-Feng; Chen, Hui; Zhu, Xu; Chiba, Shunsuke
2016Copper-catalyzed aliphatic C-H oxidation with Amidines and AmidoximesChen, Hui
2021Designing efficient DNNs via hardware-aware neural architecture search and beyondLuo, Xiangzhong; Liu, Di; Huai, Shuo; Kong, Hao; Chen, Hui; Liu, Weichen
2014Diastereoselective aminooxygenation and diamination of alkenes with amidines by hypervalent iodine(III) reagentsChen, Hui; Kaga, Atsushi; Chiba, Shunsuke
2021EDLAB : a benchmark for edge deep learning acceleratorsKong, Hao; Huai, Shuo; Liu, Di; Zhang, Lei; Chen, Hui; Zhu, Shien; Li, Shiqing; Liu, Weichen; Rastogi, Manu; Subramaniam, Ravi; Athreya, Madhu; Lewis, M. Anthony
 2020Eikonal equation-based seismic tomography of the source areas of the 2008 Mw 7.9 Wenchuan earthquake and the 2013 Mw 6.6 Lushan earthquakeLi, Jun; Li, Hui; Chen, Hui; Su, Jinrong; Liu, Yongsheng; Tong, Ping
2018Exact speed tracking realization of the single shaft micro-turbine system via higher-order sliding mode observerSun, Yuge; Zhang, Chuanlin; Chen, Hui; Lin, Pengfeng; Xu, Xingchen
 2012Formal [4 + 1]- and [5 + 1]-annulation by an SN2–conjugate addition sequence : stereoselective synthesis of highly substituted carbocyclesHeng, Yi Li; Chiba, Shunsuke; Tong, Benny Meng Kiat; Chen, Hui; Chong, Sin Yee
2022Hardware-software co-design and optimization for point-to-point network-on-chip based many-core systemsChen, Hui
2022LAMP: load-balanced multipath parallel transmission in point-to-point NoCsChen, Hui; Chen, Peng; Luo, Xiangzhong; Huai, Shuo; Liu, Weichen
2021MARCO : a high-performance task mapping and routing co-optimization framework for point-to-point NoC-based heterogeneous computing systemsChen, Hui; Zhang, Zihao; Chen, Peng; Luo, Xiangzhong; Li, Shiqing; Liu, Weichen
 2021Oriented structure of short fiber reinforced polymer composites processed by selective laser sintering : the role of powder-spreading processChen, Hui; Zhu, Wei; Tang, Haibin; Yan, Wentao
 2018Over 7% photovoltaic efficiency of a semicrystalline donor-acceptor polymer synthesized via direct arylation polymerizationWang, Kai; Chen, Hui; Wei, Xin; Bohra, Hassan; He, Feng; Wang, Mingfeng
2021Parallel multipath transmission for burst traffic optimization in point-to-point NoCsChen, Hui; Zhang, Zihao; Chen, Peng; Zhu, Shien; Liu, Weichen
2021Partial order based non-preemptive communication scheduling towards real-time networks-on-chipChen, Peng; Chen, Hui; Zhou, Jun; Liu, Di; Li, Shiqing; Liu, Weichen; Chang, Wanli; Guan, Nan
 2020Phthalonitrile prepolymer and PAN blends : new strategy for precursor stabilization and pyrolytic char yield enhancementTay, Yu Shan; Liu, Ming; Lim, Jacob Song Kiat; Chen, Hui; Hu, Xiao