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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 20133-D localization of human based on an inertial capture systemYuan, Qilong; Chen, I-Ming
 2013A 6R linkage reconfigurable between the line-symmetric Bricard linkage and the Bennett linkageSong, Chaoyang; Chen, Yan; Chen, I-Ming
2014Accuracy enhancement of the spherical actuator with a two-level geometric calibration methodZhang, Liang; Chen, Weihai; Liu, Jingmeng; Wu, Xingming; Chen, I-Ming
2013Adaptive centroid-finding algorithm for freeform surface measurementsGuo, Wenjiang; Zhao, Liping; Tong, Chin Shi; Chen, I-Ming; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant
 2013Ambulatory measurement of elbow kinematics using inertial measurement unitsAng, Wei Sin; Chen, I-Ming; Yuan, Qilong
 2013Analysis of novel three-dimensional pole arrays for electromagnetic spherical actuatorsYan, Liang; Liang, Fengqi; Yuan, Mei; Hu, Hongjie; Chen, Chin-Yin; Chen, I-Ming
2014Automatic Calibration of Robotic ManipulatorYuan, Qilong; Chen, I-Ming; Lembono, Teguh Santoso
 2017Automatic robot taping system with compliant force controlYuan, Qilong; Chen, I-Ming; Lembono, Teguh Santoso; Landén, Simon Nelson; Malmgren, Victor
2015Automatic Robot Taping: Auto-Path Planning and ManipulationYuan, Qilong; Lembono, Teguh Santoso; Zou, Yuhua; Chen, I-Ming
2015Automatic Robot Taping: System IntegrationLembono, Teguh Santoso; Yuan, Qilong; Zou, Yuhua; Chen, I-Ming
2016Autonomous Robot Driving Decision Strategy Following Road Sign And Traffic Rules: Simulation ValidationChong, Zheng-Hao; Yee, Ling; Causo, Albert; Chen, I-Ming
2005Behavior-based physical agents as information display devicesXing, Shusong.
 2012A compact 3-DOF compliant serial mechanism for trajectory tracking with flexures made by rapid prototypingZhao, Su; Aye, Yan Naing; Shee, Cheng Yap; Chen, I-Ming; Ang, Wei Tech
2013Compact piezoelectric micromotor with a single bulk lead zirconate titanate statorYan, Liang; Lan, Hua; Jiao, Zongxia; Chen, Chin-Yin; Chen, I-Ming
2001Decomposible closed-form inverse kinematics for reconfigurable robots using product-of-exponentials formulaGao, Yan
2012A design for a mobile robotic avatar - modular frameworkSeet, Gerald Gim Lee; Pang, Wee Ching; Burhan; Chen, I-Ming; Iastrebov, Viatcheslav; Gu, William; Wong, Choon Yue
2008Design, modeling and control of an XYZ flexure parallel mechanism with large motion range and decoupled kinematic structureTang, Xue Yan
1999The development of automatic flexible endoscopes for gastrointestinal inspection or surgeryPhee, Louis Soo Jay.
 2012Directional vs non-directional modes of vibrotactile feedback for arm posture replicationCauso, Albert; Tran, Le Dung; Yeo, Song Huat; Chen, I-Ming
2013Dynamic focal spots registration algorithm for freeform surface measurementGuo, Wenjiang; Zhao, Liping; Chen, I-Ming