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2014Design and development of battery pack for solar powered UAVChen, Jiahao
2022Different active disturbance rejection controllers based on the same order GPI observerZuo, Yuefei; Chen, Jiahao; Zhu, Xiaoyong; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2022A digital current controller based on active resistance term feedback for SPMSM drivesYuan, Xin; Mei, Jie; Chen, Jiahao; Zuo, Yuefei; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2022Discrete-time current regulator for AC machine drivesYuan, Xin; Chen, Jiahao; Jiang, Chaoqiang; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2022An improved genetic algorithm for multi-robot task assignment problemChen, Jiahao
2022A linear control approach to design digital speed control system for PMSMsYuan, Xin; Chen, Jiahao; Liu, Wei; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2021Natural speed observer for nonsalient AC motorsChen, Jiahao; Mei, Jie; Yuan, Xin; Zuo, Yuefei; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2022Online adaptation of two-parameter inverter model in sensorless motor drivesChen, Jiahao; Mei, Jie; Yuan, Xin; Zuo, Yuefei; Zhu, Jingwei; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin