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2019Area- and power-efficient nearly-linear phase response IIR filter by iterative convex optimizationDeng, Gelei; Chen, Jiajia; Zhang, Jiaxuan; Chang, Chip-Hong
2009High-level synthesis algorithm for the design of reconfigurable constant multiplierChen, Jiajia; Chang, Chip Hong
2008Information theoretic approach to complexity reduction of FIR filter designChang, Chip Hong; Chen, Jiajia; Vinod, Achutavarrier Prasad
 2017A new accurate and fast homography computation algorithm for sports and traffic video analysisLiu, Shumin; Chen, Jiajia; Chang, Chip-Hong; Ai, Ye
2010New design methodologies for low complexity fir filters and reconfigurable constant multipliersChen, Jiajia
2017New hardware and power efficient sporadic logarithmic shifters for DSP applicationsChen, Jiajia; Chang, Chip-Hong; Wang, Yujia; Zhao, Juan; Rahardja, Susanto
2020A new polarization image demosaicking algorithm by exploiting inter-channel correlations with guided filteringLiu, Shumin; Chen, Jiajia; Xun, Yuan; Zhao, Xiaojin; Chang, Chip-Hong
2014Novel design algorithm for low complexity programmable FIR filters based on extended double base number systemChen, Jiajia; Chang, Chip-Hong; Feng, Feng; Ding, Weiao; Ding, Jiatao
2018Tap delay-and-accumulate cost aware coefficient synthesis algorithm for the design of area-power efficient fir filtersQiao, Rui; Faust, Mathias; Chen, Jiajia; Chang, Chip-Hong; Ding, Jiatao