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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 20193D structure fungi-derived carbon stabilized stearic acid as a composite phase change material for thermal energy storageLi, Chuanchang; Xie, Baoshan; He, Zhangxing; Chen, Jian; Long, Yi
2021Breathable nanogenerators for an on-plant self-powered sustainable agriculture systemLan, Lingyi; Xiong, Jiaqing; Gao, Dace; Li, Yi; Chen, Jian; Lv, Jian; Ping, Jianfeng; Ying, Yibin; Lee, Pooi See
2021Broadband characterization of near-field focusing with groove-structured lensHan, Ye; Chen, Jian; Fan, Zheng
2019Broadband ultrasonic focusing in water with an ultra-compact metasurface lensChen, Jian; Rao, Jing; Lisevych, Danylo; Fan, Zheng
2018Day-ahead scheduling of distribution level integrated electricity and natural gas system based on fast-ADMM with restart algorithmChen, Jian; Zhang, Weitong; Zhang, Yicheng; Bao, Guannan
2018Deep-subwavelength control of acoustic waves in an ultra-compact metasurface lensChen, Jian; Xiao, Jing; Lisevych, Danylo; Shakouri, Amir; Fan, Zheng
 2012Effect of annealing on microstructure evolution and mechanical property of cold forged magnesium pipesLu, Liwei; Liu, Tianmo; Tan, Ming-Jen; Chen, Jian; Wang, Zhongchang
2011Electronic structures and optical properties of dilute nitride quantum dotsChen, Jian
 2019Emerging mineral-coupled composite phase change materials for thermal energy storageLi, Chuanchang; Xie, Baoshan; Chen, Jian; He, Zhangxing; Chen, Zhongsheng; Long, Yi
2021Enhanced sound focusing with single-slit lensChen, Jian; Zhang, Mengru; Chen, Yuanliu; Ju, Bingfeng; Fan, Zheng
2021Escalated deep-subwavelength acoustic imaging with field enhancement inside a metalensChen, Jian; Sun, Zeqing; Rao, Jing; Lisevych, Danylo; Fan, Zheng
2017Frequency domain synthetic aperture focusing technique for variable-diameter cylindrical componentsJin, Haoran; Wu, Eryong; Han, Ye; Yang, Keji; Chen, Jian
2017Frequency-domain synthetic aperture focusing for helical ultrasonic imagingJin, H.; Wu, E.; Yang, K.; Chen, Jian
2020Functional fibers and fabrics for soft robotics, wearables, and human-robot interfaceXiong, Jiaqing; Chen, Jian; Lee, Pooi See
2019Groove-structured meta-surface for patterned sub-diffraction sound focusingChen, Jian; Sun, Zeqing; Fan, Zheng
2018A hierarchical optimal operation strategy of hybrid energy storage system in distribution networks with high photovoltaic penetrationBao, Guannan; Ge, Xiaohui; Li, Jiaqi; Zhang, Yicheng; Chen, Jian; Li, Peng
2018Largely lowered transition temperature of a VO2/carbon hybrid phase change material with high thermal emissivity switching ability and near infrared regulationsWang, Shancheng; Liu, Guowei; Hu, Peng; Zhou, Yang; Ke, Yujie; Li, Chuanchang; Chen, Jian; Cao, Tun; Long, Yi
2020Magnetic – acoustic biphysical invisible coats for underwater objectsZhou, Yi; Chen, Jian; Liu, Liu; Fan, Zheng; Ma, Yungui
2020Mechanically interlocked stretchable nanofibers for multifunctional wearable triboelectric nanogeneratorLi, Yi; Xiong, Jiaqing; Lv, Jian; Chen, Jian; Gao, Dace; Zhang, Xiaoxing; Lee, Pooi See
2012Performance of a novel LED lamp arrangement to reduce SNR fluctuation for multi-user visible light communication systemsWang, Zixiong; Yu, Changyuan; Zhong, Wende; Chen, Jian; Chen, Wei