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2018Insights into the role of PPARβ/δ in NAFLDTan, Nguan Soon; Wahli, Walter; Chen, Jiapeng; Montagner, Alexandra
2016Intestinal PPARγ signalling is required for sympathetic nervous system activation in response to caloric restrictionDuszka, Kalina; Picard, Alexandre; Ellero-Simatos, Sandrine; Chen, Jiapeng; Defernez, Marianne; Paramalingam, Eeswari; Pigram, Anna; Vanoaica, Liviu; Canlet, Cécile; Parini, Paolo; Narbad, Arjan; Guillou, Hervé; Thorens, Bernard; Wahli, Walter
2013Nox4-dependent ROS modulation by amino endoperoxides to induce apoptosis in cancer cellsZhu, Pengcheng; Tong, Benny Meng Kiat; Wang, Runze; Chen, Jiapeng; Foo, Selin; Chong, Han Chung; Wang, Xiao Ling; Ang, Gim Yean; Chiba, Shunsuke; Tan, Nguan Soon
2019The potential of the FSP1cre-Pparb/d-/- mouse model for studying juvenile NAFLDChen, Jiapeng; Zhuang, Yan; Sng, Ming Keat; Tan, Nguan Soon; Wahli, Walter
2018ROS release by PPARβ/δ-null fibroblasts reduces tumor load through epithelial antioxidant responseTan, Eddie Han Pin; Sng, Ming Keat; How, Ivan Shun Bo; Chan, Jeremy Soon Kiat; Chen, Jiapeng; Tan, Chek Kun; Wahli, Walter; Tan, Nguan Soon