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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Abolishing Indonesia's direct local elections : missing the forest for the trees?Chen, Jonathan; Priamarizki, Adhi
2014Aftermath of Indonesia's legislative elections : too many cooks spoil the brothChen, Jonathan
2021All politics is local : retired officers in regional electionsArifianto, Alexander Raymond; Chen, Jonathan
2019Assessing Jokowi’s First Term – ‘Jokowinomics’ : Has It Worked?Guild, James; Chen, Jonathan
2018The East Java gubernatorial race : dead heat but non - controversialArifianto, Alexander Raymond; Chen, Jonathan
2020Indonesia's Islamic charities : plugging gaps in economic reliefArifianto, Alexander Raymond; Chen, Jonathan
2014Indonesia's presidential dilemma : can Jokowi avoid the accoutability trap?Chen, Jonathan
2017Indonesia-Singapore Relations: Between New Order and Reformasi EraChen, Jonathan
2014Indonesian presidential election 2014 : tipping point?Chen, Jonathan
2019Indonesian Presidential Election 2019 – East Java : Deadheat in a Battleground ProvinceArifianto, Alexander Raymond; Chen, Jonathan
2019Indonesian Presidential Election 2019 – Politics at the Periphery : The ‘Outer Island’ PhenomenonChen, Jonathan
2018Indonesia’s 2018 Regional Elections – West Kalimantan : Identity Politics at the ForefrontArifianto, Alexander Raymond; Chen, Jonathan
2013Indonesia’s democratic evolution : political engineering post-reformasiAdhi Priamarizki; Chen, Jonathan
2014Indonesia’s presidential dilemma : can Jokowi avoid the accountability trap?Chen, Jonathan
2013Indonesia’s subsidies for cash : economics over politics?Adhi Priamarizki; Chen, Jonathan
2016Jakarta’s 2017 Gubernatorial Elections: More Than Just PoliticsSatrio Dwicahyo; Chen, Jonathan
2013Labour protests in Indonesia : treading the tightrope of minimum wageChen, Jonathan; Fitriani Bintang Timur
2020Maintaining Harmony : Indonesia’s Inter-Religious ForumChen, Jonathan
2014MD3 laws in Indonesia : sword of Damocles over the Jokowi presidency?Chen, Jonathan; Marzuki, Keoni Indrabayu
2014Old society, new youths : an overview of youth and popular participation in post-reformasi IndonesiaChen, Jonathan; Emirza Adi Syailendra