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 2022Atomically dispersed main group magnesium on cadmium sulfide as the active site for promoting photocatalytic hydrogen evolution catalysisChen, Ran; Chen, Juan; Che, Huinan; Zhou, Gang; Ao, Yanhui; Liu, Bin
 2022Recent advances in g-C₃N₄-based donor-acceptor photocatalysts for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution: an exquisite molecular structure engineeringZhang, Qiang; Chen, Juan; Che, Huinan; Wang, Peifang; Liu, Bin; Ao. Yanhui
 2022Regulating directional transfer of electrons on polymeric g-C₃N₅ for highly efficient photocatalytic H₂O₂ productionChe, Huinan; Wang, Jian; Gao, Xin; Chen, Juan; Wang, Peifang; Liu, Bin; Ao, Yanhui