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2020Aperture antenna embedded notched parallel plate waveguide and its application to dual-polarized 3-D absorptive frequency-selective transmission structureZhang, Binchao; Jin, Cheng; Chen, Ke; Shen, Zhongxiang
2012Application of palladacycle complexes in C-C, C-N and C-P bonds formation reactionsChen, Ke
 2012Chiral cyclopalladated complex promoted asymmetric synthesis of diester-substituted P,N-ligands via stepwise hydrophosphination and hydroamination reactionsChen, Ke; Sumod, Pullarkat Appukuttan; Ma, Mengtao; Li, Yongxin; Leung, Pak-Hing
2002Collaborative product commerce for the product life cycle of hard disk drive industryChen, Ke; Lee, Alvin Sheng Yang; Tian, Quan; Wong, Pei Lee
 2018Effect of post weld heat treatment on the microstructure and properties of Laser-TIG hybrid welded joints for CLAM steelLi, Xianfen; Chen, Jun; Hua, Peng; Chen, Ke; Kong, Weiqing; Chu, Haojie; Wu, Yucheng; Zhou, Wei
 2017Growth of inter-metallic compound layers on CLAM steel by HDA and preparation of permeation barrier by oxidationChen, Jun; Li, Xianfen; Hua, Peng; Wang, Chunyan; Chen, Ke; Wu, Yucheng; Zhou, Wei
2021High-temperature resistant polyborosilazanes with tailored structuresWang, Bijie; Chen, Ke; Li, Tianhao; Sun, Xun; Liu, Ming; Yang, Lingwei; Hu, Matthew Xiao; Xu, Jian; He, Liu; Huang, Qing; Jiang, Linbin; Song, Yujie
2007A nonlinear multigrid method for total variation minimization from image restorationChen, Ke; Tai, Xue Cheng
 2012Palladacycle-catalyzed tandem allylic amination/allylation protocol for one-pot synthesis of 2-allylanilines from allylic alcoholsChen, Ke; Li, Yongxin; Pullarkat, Sumod A.; Leung, Pak-Hing
 2013Surface microstructures and epoxy bonded shear strength of Ti6Al4V alloy anodized at various temperaturesHe, Peigang; Chen, Ke; Yu, Bin; Yue, Chee Yoon; Yang, Jinglei
 2014Surface modifications of Ti alloy with tunable hierarchical structures and chemistry for improved metal–polymer interface used in deepwater composite riserHe, Peigang; Chen, Ke; Yang, Jinglei
 2012A tandem Heck–aza-Michael addition protocol for the one-pot synthesis of isoindolines from unprotected aminesChen, Ke; Pullarkat, Sumod A.