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 2021A deep region-based pyramid neural network for automatic detection and multi-classification of various surface defects of aluminum alloysChen, Keyu; Zeng, Zhaoyang; Yang, Jianfei
 2020Facial expression retargeting from human to avatar made easyZhang, Juyong; Chen, Keyu; Zheng, Jianmin
2018The influence of MAC protocol on a non-synchronous localization scheme in large-scale UWSNsChen, Keyu; Cheng, En; Yuan, Fei; Su, Wei; Ma, Maode
2019Selective laser melting of reduced graphene oxide/S136 metal matrix composites with tailored microstructures and mechanical propertiesWen, Shifeng; Chen, Keyu; Li, Wei; Zhou, Yan; Wei, Qingsong; Shi, Yusheng
 2020Transfer learning enhanced AR spatial registration for facility maintenance managementChen, Keyu; Yang, Jianfei; Cheng, Jack C. P.; Chen, Weiwei; Li, Chun Ting