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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Apk2vec : semi-supervised multi-view representation learning for profiling Android applicationsNarayanan, Annamalai; Soh, Charlie; Chen, Lihui; Liu, Yang; Wang, Lipo
 2012Clustering with multiviewpoint-based similarity measureNguyen, Duc Thang; Chen, Lihui; Chan, Chee Keong
2019Employee profiling via aspect-based sentiment and network for insider threats detectionSoh, Charlie; Yu, Sicheng; Narayanan, Annamalai; Duraisamy, Santhiya; Chen, Lihui
1999Exploiting visual descriptions of regions for content-based image retrievalTao, Chen.
2009Extending the beach resort model : the case of PattayaAw, Wen Ling; Chen, Lihui; Cherh, Kai Leng
2001Framework of adaptive Web Search AgentDeng, Jiawei
 2012A fuzzy approach for multitype relational data clusteringMei, Jian-Ping; Chen, Lihui
2002Fuzzy, evolutionary approaches to image segmentationHe, Hao.
2014Incremental fuzzy clustering with multiple medoids for large dataWang, Yangtao; Chen, Lihui; Mei, Jian-Ping
2004iSEARCH framework : using web structure and summarisation techniques for web content miningChue, Wai Lian.
2014K-MEAP: Generating Specified K Clusters with Multiple Exemplars by Efficient Affinity PropagationWang, Yangtao; Chen, Lihui
 2022LA-HCN: label-based attention for hierarchical multi-label text classification neural networkZhang, Xinyi; Xu, Jiahao; Soh, Charlie; Chen, Lihui
2020mSHINE : a multiple-meta-paths simultaneous learning framework for heterogeneous information network embeddingZhang, Xinyi; Chen, Lihui
 2017A multi-view context-aware approach to Android malware detection and malicious code localizationNarayanan, Annamalai; Chandramohan, Mahinthan; Chen, Lihui; Liu, Yang
2001Novel techniques for clustering and classification of arbitrary dataYao, Yuhui.
2002On extracting knowledge from neural networksTan, Kian Huat.
2001PIECES : a framework for web task automationChew, Hoe Kit.
2014Proximity-based k-partitions clustering with ranking for document categorization and analysisMei, Jian-Ping; Chen, Lihui
 2012Semi-supervised clustering with multi-viewpoint based similarity measureYan, Yang; Chen, Lihui; Nguyen, Duc Thang
2014Stochastic gradient descent based fuzzy clustering for large dataChen, Lihui; Wang, Yangtao; Mei, Jian-Ping