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2014Advanced maximum margin learning techniques for large scale vision tasksChen, Lin
2016Auditory to Visual Cross-Modal Adaptation for Emotion: Psychophysical and Neural CorrelatesWang, Xiaodong; Guo, Xiaotao; Chen, Lin; Liu, Yijun; Goldberg, Michael E.; Xu, Hong
2021Brain hemispheres swap dominance for processing semantically meaningful pitchWang, Xiao-Dong; Xu, Hong; Yuan, Zhen; Luo, Hao; Wang, Ming; Li, Hua-Wei; Chen, Lin
2018Domain adaption via feature selection on explicit feature mapDeng, Wan-Yu; Lendasse, Amaury; Ong, Yew-Soon; Tsang, Ivor Wai-Hung; Chen, Lin; Zheng, Qing-Hua
2015An evaluation on the local government expenditure in China : productivity, efficiency and optimalityLiao, Zhaopeng; Chen, Lin; Tong, Yiling
 2013Hemispheric lateralization for early auditory processing of lexical tones : dependence on pitch level and pitch contourWang, Xiao-Dong; Wang, Ming; Chen, Lin
2005Improvement study on internal supply chain system in offshore industryChen, Lin; Hengky Wirawan; Hulman Soaloon
 2012Laplacian embedded regression for scalable manifold regularizationChen, Lin; Tsang, Ivor Wai-Hung; Xu, Dong
2012Preattentive extraction of abstract auditory rules in speech sound stream : a mismatch negativity study using lexical tonesWang, Xiao-Dong; Gu, Feng; He, Kang; Chen, Ling-Hui; Chen, Lin
 2012Tag-based image retrieval improved by augmented features and group-based refinementChen, Lin; Xu, Dong; Tsang, Ivor Wai-Hung; Luo, Jiebo
2021Terahertz microfluidic sensing with dual-torus toroidal metasurfacesXu, Jinjin; Liao, Denggao; Gupta, Manoj; Zhu, Yiming; Zhuang, Songlin; Singh, Rajan; Chen, Lin