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2016A century long sedimentary record of anthropogenic lead (Pb), Pb isotopes and other trace metals in SingaporeChen, Mengli; Boyle, Edward A.; Gouramanis, Chris; Switzer, Adam Douglas
2015Century scale variation of elemental Pb and Pb isotopes in the South China Sea regionChen, Mengli
2016Lead in the western South China Sea: Evidence of atmospheric deposition and upwellingChen, Mengli; Goodkin, Nathalie Fairbank; Boyle, Edward A.; Switzer, Adam Douglas; Bolton, Annette
2018An update of the Pb isotope inventory in post leaded-petrol Singapore environmentsCarrasco, Gonzalo; Chen, Mengli; Boyle, Edward A.; Tanzil, Jani; Zhou, Kuanbo; Goodkin, Nathalie F.