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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 20123D depth camera based human posture detection and recognition using PCNN circuits and learning-based hierarchical classifierZhuang, Hualiang; Zhao, Bo; Ahmad, Zohair; Chen, Shoushun; Low, Kay-Soon
 2011A 64 x 64 CMOS image sensor with on-chip moving object detection and localizationZhao, Bo; Zhang, Xiangyu; Chen, Shoushun; Low, Kay-Soon; Zhuang, Hualiang
 2012A 64 x 64 pixels UWB wireless temporal-difference digital image sensorChen, Shoushun; Tang, Wei; Zhang, Xiangyu; Culurciello, Eugenio
2007Adaptive-quantization digital image sensor for low-power image compressionChen, Shoushun; Amine, Bermak; Wang, Yan; Dominique, Martinez
2007Arbitrated time-to-first spike CMOS image sensor with on-chip histogram equalizationChen, Shoushun; Amine, Bermak
2013An autonomous star recognition algorithm with optimized databaseChen, Shoushun; Pham, Minh Duc; Low, Kay-Soon
2014Bio-inspired categorization using event-driven feature extraction and spike-based learningZhao, Bo; Chen, Shoushun; Tang, Huajin
2009A bio-inspired event-based size and position invariant human posture recognition algorithmChen, Shoushun; Martini, Berin; Culurciello, Eugenio
2009A biologically inspired system for human posture recognitionChen, Shoushun; Akselrod, Polina; Culurciello, Eugenio
2013A cluster-based distributed active current sensing circuit for hardware Trojan detectionCao, Yuan; Chang, Chip-Hong; Chen, Shoushun
2015CMOS Image Sensor Based Physical Unclonable Function for Coherent Sensor-Level AuthenticationCao, Yuan; Zhang, Le; Zalivaka, Siarhei S.; Chang, Chip-Hong; Chen, Shoushun
2014CMOS image sensor based physical unclonable function for smart phone security applicationsCao, Yuan; Zalivaka, Siarhei S.; Zhang, Le; Chang, Chip-Hong; Chen, Shoushun
2006A compact reconfigurable counter memory for spiking pixelsChen, Shoushun; Bermak, Amine; Boussaid, Farid
2017The design of clocked-comparator-based time-interval measurement circuit for pulse ToF measurementLimi Jaya, Gibran; Chen, Shoushun; Siek, Liter
2013Development of an advanced nano-satellite VELOX-I - Study of high dynamic range CMOS image sensor and pixel designHo, Evan Wei Li.
 2017A dual redundancy radiation-hardened flip-flop based on C-element in 65nm processJaya, Gibran Limi; Chen, Shoushun; Siek, Liter
 2012Efficient feedforward categorization of objects and human postures with address-event image sensorsChen, Shoushun; Akselrod, Polina; Zhao, Bo; Carrasco, Jose Antonio Perez; Linares-Barranco, Bernabe; Culurciello, Eugenio
 2018Event-guided structured output tracking of fast-moving objects using a CeleX sensorHuang, Jing; Wang, Shizheng; Guo, Menghan; Chen, Shoushun
2014Feedforward Categorization on AER Motion Events Using Cortex-Like Features in a Spiking Neural NetworkZhao, Bo; Ding, Ruoxi; Chen, Shoushun; Linares-Barranco, Bernabe; Tang, Huajin
2015Gain-scheduled extended Kalman filter for nanosatellite attitude determination systemPham, Minh Duc; Low, Kay Soon; Goh, Shu Ting; Chen, Shoushun