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 2018Bifunctional porous iron phosphide/carbon nanostructure enabled high-performance sodium-ion battery and hydrogen evolution reactionLim, Yew Von; Huang, Shaozhuan; Zhang, Yingmeng; Kong, Dezhi; Wang, Ye; Guo, Lu; Zhang, Jun; Shi, Yumeng; Chen, Tu Pei; Ang, Lay Kee; Yang, Hui Ying
2016Design of a high performance selective solar absorber with the structure of SiO2 -TiO2 -TiNxOy -CuZhang, Jun; Chen, Tu Pei; Liu, Yu Chan; Liu, Zhen; Yang, Hui Ying
2018Effect of surface scattering of electrons on ratios of optical absorption and scattering to extinction of gold nanoshellYe, Yiyang; Liu, Zhen; Yuan, Xu; Chen, Tu Pei
2018Handwritten-digit recognition by hybrid convolutional neural network based on Hfo2 memristive spiking-neuronYin, Y.; Chen, Tu Pei; Hosoka, Sumio; Liu, Y.; Wang, J. J.; Hu, S. G.; Zhan, X. T.; Yu, Q.; Liu, Z.
2019A neuromorphic-hardware oriented bio-plausible online-learning spiking neural network modelQiao, G. C.; Hu, S. G.; Wang, J. J.; Zhang, C. M.; Ning, N.; Yu, Q.; Liu, Y.; Chen, Tu Pei
2018Predicting house price with a memristor-based artificial neural networkWang, J. J.; Hu, S. G.; Zhan, X. T.; Luo, Q.; Yu, Q.; Liu, Zhen; Yin, Y.; Hosaka, Sumio; Liu, Y.; Chen, Tu Pei
2019Selective scattering of blue and red light based on silver and gold nanocubesYe, Yiyang; Chen, Tu Pei
 2018Thickness effect of nickel oxide thin films on associated solution-processed write-once-read-many-times memory devicesWang, Xiao Lin; Liu, Zhen; Wen, Chao; Liu, Yang; Wang, Hong Zhe; Chen, Tu Pei; Zhang, Hai Yan
2019Winner-takes-all mechanism realized by memristive neural networkWang, Jun Jie; Yu, Qi; Hu, Shao Gang; Liu, Yanchen; Guo, Rui; Chen, Tu Pei; Yin, You; Liu, Yang