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2013Biogenic tellurium nanorods as a novel antivirulence agent inhibiting pyoverdine production in Pseudomonas aeruginosaMohanty, Anee; Kathawala, Mustafa Hussain; Zhang, Jianhua; Yang, Liang; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Cao, Bin; Chen, William Wei Ning; Loo, Joachim Say Chye
2005Cellular signaling network to Hepatitis B viral infection : isolation of guanine nucleotide binding protein B subunit 5L as cellular protein interacting with HBX.Lwa, Siew Hui.
 2008Comparative proteomics profile of osteoblasts cultured on dissimilar hydroxyapatite biomaterials : an iTRAQ-coupled 2-D LC-MS/MS analysisKhor, Khiam Aik; Xu, Jinling; Sui, Jianjun; Zhang, Jianhua; Tan, Tuan Lin; Chen, William Wei Ning
 2011Cytotoxicity evaluation of oxidized single-walled carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide on human Hepatoma HepG2 cells : an iTRAQ-coupled 2D LC-MS/MS proteome analysisYuan, Jifeng; Gao, Hongcai; Sui, Jianjun; Duan, Hongwei; Chen, William Wei Ning; Ching, Chi Bun
 2012Inhibition of HBV-induced angiogenesis by ibuprofen : role of HBxZhang, Jianhua; Chen, William Wei Ning
2008Investigation of multiwall carbon nanotube modified hydroxyapatite on human osteoblast cell line using iTRAQ proteomics technologyXu, J. L.; Khor, K. A.; Sui, J. J.; Chen, William Wei Ning
 2007Osteoblast interactions with various hydroxyapatite based biomaterials consolidated using a spark plasma sintering techniqueKumar, R.; Lu, Y. W.; Xu, Jinling; Khor, Khiam Aik; Chen, William Wei Ning
2009Protein expression profiles in osteoblasts in response to differentially shaped hydroxyapatite nanoparticlesXu, Jinling; Khor, Khiam Aik; Sui, Jianjun; Zhang, Jianhua; Chen, William Wei Ning
 2012Proteomics-related biomarkers for HBV-associated hepatocellular carcinoma : current status and future prospectsSadrolodabaee, Laleh; Feng, Huixing; Zhang, Jianhua; Tan, Jane YL.; Chen, William Wei Ning
 2012A quantitative proteomics approach in the study of microRNA 181a in HepG2 cellsHabib, Nagy A.; Tan, Jane Yi Lin; Chen, William Wei Ning
2007A study of osteocalcin production in vitro on various hydroxyapatite based biomaterialsXu, J. L.; Khor, K. A.; Chen, William Wei Ning
2012Synthesis and characterization on atomphospheric plasma sprayed amorphous silica doped hydrxoyapatite coatingsLiao, H. L.; Joguet, D.; Coddet, C.; Xu, Jinling; Cizek, Jan; Khor, Khiam Aik; Chen, William Wei Ning
 2013Ultrasound assisted extraction of carbohydrates from microalgae as feedstock for yeast fermentationZhao, Guili; Chen, Xue; Wang, Lei; Zhou, Shixiao; Feng, Huixing; Lau, Raymond; Chen, William Wei Ning