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 2012Autonomous flock brush for non-photorealistic renderingHuang, Hsueh En; Ong, Yew Soon; Chen, Xianshun
 2012A conceptual modeling of meme complexes in stochastic searchChen, Xianshun; Ong, Yew Soon
2010Memetic computation - past, present futureOng, Yew-Soon; Lim, Meng-Hiot; Chen, Xianshun
 2012A self-adaptive memeplexes robust search scheme for solving stochastic demands vehicle routing problemChen, Xianshun; Feng, Liang; Ong, Yew Soon
2014A study on memetic computation, with applications to capacitated vehicle routing problemsChen, Xianshun
2013Towards believable resource gathering behaviours in real-time strategy games with a memetic ant colony systemLim, Meng-Hiot; Chen, Xianshun; Ong, Yew Soon; Feng, Liang; Chen, Caishun; Ho, Choon Sing