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 2021Dual gate-controlled therapeutics for overcoming bacterium-induced drug resistance and potentiating cancer immunotherapyZhang, Xiaodong; Chen, Xiaokai; Guo, Yuxin; Gao, Ge; Wang, Dongdong; Wu, Yinglong; Liu, Jiawei; Liang, Gaolin; Zhao, Yanli; Wu, Fu-Gen
2023Microbial synthesis of Prussian blue for potentiating checkpoint blockade immunotherapyWang, Dongdong; Liu, Jiawei; Wang, Changlai; Zhang, Weiyun; Yang, Guangbao; Chen, Yun; Zhang, Xiaodong; Wu, Yinglong; Gu, Long; Chen, Hongzhong; Yuan, Wei; Chen, Xiaokai; Liu, Guofeng; Gao, Bin; Chen, Qianwang; Zhao, Yanli
2021Missing-linker-assisted artesunate delivery by metal-organic frameworks for synergistic cancer treatmentWang, Dongdong; He, Isabel Wenjia; Liu, Jiawei; Jana, Deblin; Wu, Yinglong; Zhang, Xiaodong; Qian, Cheng; Guo, Yi; Chen, Xiaokai; Bindra, Anivind Kaur; Zhao, Yanli
 2022Nanosystems for immune regulation against bacterial infections: a reviewZhang, Xiaodong; Chen, Xiaokai; Zhao, Yanli
2022Nanozymes: versatile platforms for cancer diagnosis and therapyZhang, Xiaodong; Chen, Xiaokai; Zhao, Yanli
2020Size-transformable nanostructures : from design to biomedical applicationsZhang, Xiaodong; Chen, Xiaokai; Song, Jun; Zhang, Junmin; Ren, Xiangzhong; Zhao, Yanli
 2021Thiolate-assisted route for constructing chalcogen quantum dots with photoinduced fluorescence enhancementZhang, Xiaodong; Chen, Xiaokai; Guo, Yi; Gu, Long; Wu, Yinglong; Bindra, Anivind Kaur; Teo, Wei Liang; Wu, Fu-Gen; Zhao, Yanli
2022Tumor extracellular matrix-targeted nanoscavengers reverse suppressive microenvironment for cocktail therapyChen, Xiaokai; Zhang, Xiaodong; Wu, Yinglong; Chen, Yun; Guo, Yi; Jana, Deblin; Wang, Dongdong; Yuan, Wei; Zhao, Yanli