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 2013A 6R linkage reconfigurable between the line-symmetric Bricard linkage and the Bennett linkageSong, Chaoyang; Chen, Yan; Chen, I-Ming
2007Algorithms for extracting text from degraded document imagesChen, Yan
 2012Axial crushing of thin-walled structures with origami patternsSong, Jie; Chen, Yan; Lu, Guoxing
2017Computational study of halide perovskite-derived A2BX6 inorganic compounds : chemical trends in electronic structure and structural stabilityCai, Yao; Xie, Wei; Ding, Hong; Chen, Yan; Thirumal, Krishnamoorthy; Wong, Lydia Helena; Mathews, Nripan; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Sherburne, Matthew; Asta, Mark
2012Continuous and noninvasive blood pressure measurement by pulse wave velocity : a new and systematic modeling methodologyChen, Yan
 2011Continuous and noninvasive measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure by one mathematical model with the same model parameters and two separate pulse wave velocitiesChen, Yan; Wen, Changyun; Tao, Guocai; Bi, Min
 2015Deployable prismatic structures with rigid origami patternsLiu, Sicong; Lv, Weilin; Chen, Yan; Lu, Guoxing
2019The development of lead-less perovskite materials for the photovoltaic applicationChen, Yan
 2011A family of mixed double-Goldberg 6R linkagesSong, Chaoyang; Chen, Yan
2013Foreign direct investment in Mongolia : bridging the cultural divideMichael, Francis Caravaggio; Chen, Yan; John, Rae Philippe Cortes; Satria, Krisnandi
 2012A high-resolution stable isotopic record from the Junggar Basin (NW China) : implications for the paleotopographic evolution of the Tianshan MountainsCharreau, Julien; Kent-Corson, Malinda Louise; Barrier, Laurie; Augier, Romain; Ritts, Bradley D.; Chen, Yan; France-Lannord, Christian; Guilmette, Caroline
 2013A novel enveloping worm pair via employing the conjugating planar internal gear as counterpartChen, Yonghong; Zhang, Guanghui; Chen, Bingkui; Luo, Wenjun; Li, Fengji; Chen, Yan
 2012A special Wohlhart’s double-goldberg 6R linkage and its multiple operation forms among 4R and 6R linkagesSong, Chaoyang; Chen, Yan
2002Synthesis of boron nitride nanowiresChen, F.; Fu, J. J.; Hu, Z.; Liu, B. H.; Huo, K. F.; Chen, Yan; Ding, Jun; Dong, Zhili; White, Timothy John
2014Two dimensional TiS2 based composites synthesized with metal organic frameworkChen, Yan