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 2019A 2.86-TOPS/W current mirror cross-bar-based machine-learning and physical unclonable function engine for Internet-of-Things applicationsChen, Yi; Wang, Zheng; Patil, Aakash; Basu, Arindam
2018A comparison of low-complexity real-time feature extraction for neuromorphic speech recognitionAcharya, Jyotibdha; Patil, Aakash; Li, Xiaoya; Chen, Yi; Liu, Shih-Chii; Basu, Arindam
 2018An extreme learning machine-based neuromorphic tactile sensing system for texture recognitionRasouli, Mahdi; Chen, Yi; Basu, Arindam; Kukreja, Sunil L.; Thakor, Nitish V.
2019Heterogeneous interactions in online community : economic and social impact for online sellersChen, Yi
2012A signal folding neural amplifier exploiting neural signal statisticsChen, Yi; Basu, Arindam; Je, Minkyu