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2020Computer-based stratified primary care for musculoskeletal consultations compared with usual care : study protocol for the STarT MSK cluster randomized controlled trialHill, Jonathan; Garvin, Stefannie; Chen, Ying; Cooper, Vincent; Wathall, Simon; Bartlam, Bernadette; Saunders, Benjamin; Lewis, Martyn; Protheroe, Joanne; Chudyk, Adrian; Birkinshaw, Hollie; Dunn, Kate M.; Jowett, Sue; Oppong, Raymond; Hay, Elaine; van der Windt, Danielle; Mallen, Christian; Foster, Nadine E.
 2021Continuous medium chain carboxylic acids production from excess sludge by granular chain-elongation processWu, Qinglian; Feng, Xiaochi; Chen, Ying; Liu, Min; Bao, Xian
 2014Epitaxial growth of successive CdSe ultrathin films and quantum dot layers on TiO2 nanorod arrays for photo-electrochemical cellsFeng, Shuanglong; Wu, Jin; Hu, Peng; Chen, Ying; Ma, Bing; Peng, Jiangying; Yang, Junyou; Jiang, Hui
 2007Pair-hopping characteristic of lithium diffusive motion in Li-doped β-phase manganese phthalocyanineDu, Xiaosong; Li, Qunxiang; Chen, Ying; Su, Haibin; Yang, Jinlong
2005A planar antenna in LTCC for single-package ultrawide-band radioChen, Ying; Zhang, Yue Ping
 2018Realizing a record photothermal conversion efficiency of spiky gold nanoparticles in the second near-infrared window by structure-based rational designBi, Cuixia; Chen, Jin; Chen, Ying; Song, Yahui; Li, Anran; Li, Shuzhou; Mao, Zhengwei; Gao, Changyou; Wang, Dayang; Möhwald, Helmuth; Xia, Haibing
2014Synthesis of metastable phases and compounds in a plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition techniqueChen, Ying
2018现代中国知识谱系中的南洋 (1911-1937) = Nanyang in modern China's knowledge system 1911-1937Chen, Ying