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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2017A 0.013-mm2 0.53-mW/Gb/s 32-Gb/s hybrid analog equalizer under 21-dB channel loss in 65-nm CMOSBalachandran, Arya; Chen, Yong; Boon, Chirn Chye
2019A 0.044-mm2 0.5-to-7-GHz resistor-plus-source-follower-feedback noise-cancelling LNA achieving a flat NF of 3.3±0.45 dBYu, Haohong; Chen, Yong; Boon, Chirn Chye; Li, Chenyang; Mak, Pui-In; Martins, Rui P.
20170.058 mm2 13 Gbit/s inductorless analogue equaliser with low-frequency equalisation compensating 15 dB channel lossBoon, Chirn Chye; Balachandran, Arya; Chen, Yong; Choi, Pilsoon
2018A 4.06 mW 10-bit 150 MS/s SAR ADC with 1.5-bit/cycle operation for medical imaging applicationsSunny, Sharma; Chen, Yong; Boon, Chirn Chye
2017Accurate and efficient approximation of clothoids using Bézier curves for path planningChen, Yong; Cai, Yiyu; Zheng, Jianmin; Thalmann, Daniel
2005Assembly behavior of inclusion complexes of β-cyclodextrin with 4-hydroxyazobenzene and 4-aminoazobenzeneLiu, Yu; Zhao, Yanli; Chen, Yong; Guo, Dong Sheng
 2004Binding behavior of aliphatic oligopeptides by bridged and metallobridged bis(β-cyclodextrin)s bearing an oxamido bis(2-benzoic) carboxyl linkerLiu, Yu; Zhao, Yanli; Chen, Yong; Ding, Fei; Chen, Guo Song
 2006Bundle-shaped cyclodextrin-Tb nano-supramolecular assembly mediated by C60 : intramolecular energy transferChen, Guo Song; Liu, Yu; Chen, Yong; Zhang, Ning; Chen, Jing; Zhao, Yanli
2018Clinical relevance of screening checklists for detecting cancer predisposition syndromes in Asian childhood tumoursChan, Sock Hoai; Chew, Winston; Nur Diana Binte Ishak; Lim, Weng Khong; Li, Shao-Tzu; Tan, Sheng Hui; Teo, Jing Xian; Shaw, Tarryn; Chang, Kenneth; Chen, Yong; Iyer, Prasad; Tan, Enrica Ee Kar; Seng, Michaela Su-Fern; Chan, Mei Yoke; Tan, Ah Moy; Low, Sharon Yin Yee; Soh, Shui Yen; Loh, Amos Hong Pheng; Ngeow, Joanne
2017Clothoid spline based path planningChen, Yong
 2007Construction and DNA condensation of cyclodextrin-based polypseudorotaxanes with anthryl graftsLiu, Yu; Yu, Lu; Chen, Yong; Zhao, Yanli; Yang, Hua
2005The construction of a supramolecular polymeric rotaxane from bipyridine-ruthenium and cyclodextrinLiu, Yu; Song, Shi Hui; Chen, Yong; Zhao, Yanli; Yang, Ying Wei
2010An efficient microfluidic sorter : implementation of double meandering micro striplines for magnetic particles switchingKong, Tian Fook; E, Huan Shin; Sugiarto, Hendrik Santoso; Liew, Hwi Fen; Wang, Xinghua; Lew, Wen Siang; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Chen, Yong
 2018Extraction of the remnant coal pillar in regular and irregular shapes : a case studyChen, Yong; Ma, Shuqi; Cao, Qijia
2018Madam snake white : a case study on virtual reality continuum applications for Singaporean culture and heritage at Haw Par VillaCai, Yiyu; Zheng, Jianmin; Zhang, Yuzhe; Wu, Xiaoqun; Chen, Yong; Tan, Bingquan; Yang, Bianyue; Liu, Tianrui; Thalmann, Nadia
 2004Molecular binding behavior of pyridine-2,6-dicarboxamide-bridged bis(β-cyclodextrin) with oligopeptides : switchable molecular binding modeLiu, Yu; Chen, Guo Song; Chen, Yong; Ding, Fei; Liu, Tao; Zhao, Yanli
 2006Multi[2]rotaxanes with gold nanoparticles as centersZhao, Yanli; Chen, Yong; Wang, Min; Liu, Yu
 2005Spectrophotometric study of fluorescence sensing and selective binding of biochemical substrates by 2,2'-bridged biso(β-cyclodextrin) and its water-soluble fullerene conjugateLiu, Yu; Liang, Peng; Chen, Yong; Zhao, Yanli; Ding, Fei; Yu, Ao
2005Supramolecular assembly of gold nanoparticles mediated by polypseudorotaxane with thiolated β-cyclodextrinLiu, Yu; Zhao, Yanli; Chen, Yong; Wang, Min
 2006Synthesis of bridged and metallobridged bis(β-cyclodextrin)s containing fluorescent oxamidobisbenzoyl linkers and their selective binding towards bile saltsLiu, Yu; Yu, Hong Mei; Chen, Yong; Zhao, Yanli