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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2020Atomically dispersed CoN4/B, N-C nanotubes boost oxygen reduction in rechargeable Zn–air batteriesZhao, Ruopeng; Chen, J.; Chen, Z.; Jiang, Xian; Fu, Gengtao; Tang, Y.; Jin, W.; Lee, Jong-Min; Huang, S.
2004Barrier property of TiSiN films formed by low frequency, high density inductively coupled plasma processChen, Z.; Wang, W. D.; Xu, S.; Law, S. B.; Ee, Elden Yong Chiang; Chi, Dong Zhi
2006Copper diffusion in Ti–Si–N layers formed by inductively coupled plasma implantationXu, S.; Lai, M. Y.; Yakovlev, N. L.; Law, S. B.; Chen, Z.; Ee, Elden Yong Chiang
2007Critical temperatures in thermocompression gold stud bondingZhang, G. G.; Ang, X. F.; Chen, Z.; Wong, Chee C.; Wei, J.
2009The effect of AlOOH boehmite nanorods on mechanical property of hybrid composite coatingsChen, Q.; Udomsangpetch, C.; Shen, S. C.; Liu, Y. C.; Chen, Z.; Zeng, X. T.
2010Effect of bonding duration and substrate temperature in copper ball bonding on aluminium pads : a TEM study of interfacial evolutionXu, Hui; Liu, Changqing; Chen, Z.; Wei, J.; Sivakumar, M.; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2008Effect of chain length on low temperature gold-gold bonding by self assembled monolayersAng, X. F.; Chen, Z.; Wong, Chee C.; Wei, J.
 2006Effect of interfacial reaction on the tensile strength of Sn-3.5Ag/Ni-P and Sn-37Pb/Ni-P solder jointsQi, Guojun; Chen, Z.; He, M.; Kumar, A.
2004Effect of processing parameters on electroless Cu seed layer propertiesChen, Z.; Chan, L.; See, Alex K. H.; Law, S. B.; Zeng, K. Y.; Shen, L.; Tee, K. C.; Ee, Elden Yong Chiang
2004Electroless copper deposition as a seed layer on TiSiN barrierChen, Z.; Xu, S.; Chan, L.; See, K. H.; Law, S. B.; Ee, Elden Yong Chiang
2009Formation and characterization of magnetron sputtered Ta–Si–N–O thin filmsXu, S.; Chen, Z.; Yan, H.; Li, L.; Ho, F. Y.; Liang, M. H.; Pan, J. S.
2005Formation of Ti-Si-N film using low frequency, high density inductively coupled plasma processRutkevych, P. P.; Zeng, K. Y.; Chen, Z.; Chan, L.; See, K. H.; Law, S. B.; Xu, S.; Tsakadze, Z. L.; Shen, L.; Ee, Elden Yong Chiang
2002Fracture toughness of Cu-Sn intermetallic thin filmsLi, M.; Chen, Z.; Balakrisnan, Bavani; Chum, Chan Choy; Cahyadi, Tommy
 2014Influence of different CH4/N2 ratios on structural and mechanical properties of a-CNx : H film synthesized using plasma focusUmar, Z. A.; Ahmad, R.; Rawat, R. S.; Hussnain, A.; Khalid, N.; Chen, Z.; Shen, L.; Zhang, Z.; Hussain, T.
2006Low temperature physical-chemical vapor deposition of Ti-Si-N-O barrier filmsLu, T. M.; Law, S. B.; Chen, Z.; Ee, Elden Yong Chiang; Dong, Zhili
2009Mechanistic investigations of photo-driven processes over TiO2 by in-situ DRIFTS-MS : Part 1 - platinization and methanol reformingHighfield, J. G.; Chen, M. H.; Nguyen, P. T.; Chen, Z.
2010A micromechanism study of thermosonic gold wire bonding on aluminium padXu, Hui; Liu, Changqing; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.; Pramana, S. S.; White, Timothy John; Chen, Z.; Sivakumar, M.; Acoff, V. L.
2013Palladium-coated and bare copper wire study for ultra-fine pitch wire bondingLim, A. B. Y.; Chang, A. C. K.; Lee, C. X.; Yauw, O.; Chylak, B.; Chen, Z.
 2020Plane-strain consolidation theory with distributed drainage boundaryChen, Z.; Ni, Pengpeng; Chen, Y.; Mei, G.
 2008Pulse electroplating of copper film : a study of process and microstructureZhang, X.; Tu, K. N.; Chen, Z.; Tan, Y. K.; Wong, Chee C.; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Li, X. M.; Tung, Chih Hang; Cheng, C. K.