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2013Anomalous exchange bias at collinear/noncollinear spin interfaceTian, Y. F.; Ding, J. F.; Lin, W. N.; Chen, Z. H.; David, A.; He, M.; Hu, W. J.; Chen, Lang; Wu, Tom
2014Probing the domain structure of BiFeO3 epitaxial films with three-dimensional reciprocal space mappingLuo, Z. L.; Chen, Z. H.; Fong, D. D.; Huang, H.; Zhou, H.; Yang, Y.; Wu, L.; Zhu, C.; Wang, H.; Yang, M.; Hu, S.; Wen, H.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Z.; Chen, L.; Gao, C.
2013Thickness-dependent evolutions of domain configuration and size in ferroelectric and ferroelectric-ferroelastic filmsHuang, C. W.; Chen, Z. H.; Chen, Lang