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2019Automated segmentation of dermal fillers in OCT images of mice using convolutional neural networksPfister, Martin; Schützenberger, Kornelia; Pfeiffenberger, Ulrike; Messner, Alina; Chen, Zhe; Puchner, Stefan; Garhöfer, Gerhard; Schmetterer, Leopold; Gröschl, Martin; Werkmeister, René M.; Aranha dos Santos, Valentin
2016Automatic assessment on English-to-Chinese translation for personalized learningChen, Zhe
2006Dielectric/metal diffusion barrier in Cu/porous ultra low-k interconnect technologyChen, Zhe
2022A double-deck deep reinforcement learning-based energy dispatch strategy for an integrated electricity and district heating system embedded with thermal inertial and operational flexibilityZhang, Bin; Ghias, Amer M. Y. M.; Chen, Zhe
2006Effect of electron beam treatment on adhesion of Ta/polymeric low-k interfaceDamayanti, M.; Prasad, K.; Chen, Zhe; Zhang, Sam; Jiang, Ning; Gan, Zhenghao; Chen, Zhong; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam
2021Graph mining in Fintech-driven payment industry for risk managementChen, Zhe
2006Modification of Ta/polymeric low-k interface by electron beam treatmentPrasad, K.; Damayanti, M.; Gan, Zhenghao; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Chen, Zhong; Chen, Zhe; Zhang, Sam; Jiang, Ning
2017Multipurpose microphone array using Raspberry Pi and MATRIX CreatorChen, Zhe
 2022SafeOSL: ensuring memory safety of C via ownership-based intermediate languageYin, Xiaohua; Huang, Zhiqiu; Kan, Shuanglong; Shen, Guohua; Chen, Zhe; Liu, Yang; Wang, Fei
 2020Single-crystal SnSe thermoelectric fibers via laser-induced directional crystallization : from 1D fibers to multidimensional fabricsZhang, Jing; Zhang, Ting; Zhang, Hang; Wang, Zhixun; Li, Chen; Wang, Zhe; Li, Kaiwei; Huang, Xingming; Chen, Ming; Chen, Zhe; Tian, Zhiting; Chen, Haisheng; Zhao, Li-Dong; Wei, Lei
2020Stacked attention networks for referring expressions comprehensionLi, Yugang; Sun, Haibo; Chen, Zhe; Ding, Yudan; Zhou, Siqi
2014Study of fatigue behavior of cantilever piezoelectric energy harvesterChen, Zhe
2004Study of interfacial adhesion energy of multilayered ULSI thin film structures using four-point bending testPrasad, K.; Gan, Zhenghao; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Chen, Zhong; Zhang, Sam; Chen, Zhe
2020Visual relationship detection with contextual informationLi, Yugang; Wang, Yongbin; Chen, Zhe; Zhu, Yuting