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 2012Bottom-up saliency detection model based on human visual sensitivity and amplitude spectrumFang, Yuming; Lin, Weisi; Lee, Bu-Sung; Lau, Chiew Tong; Chen, Zhenzhong; Lin, Chia-Wen
2018Development of LED cubesChen, Zhenzhong
 2012Energy-efficient resource allocation and scheduling for multicast of scalable video over wireless networksChuah, Seong-Ping; Chen, Zhenzhong; Tan, Yap Peng
 2013A fast rate adaptation scheme for SVC based on the packet dependenciesLi, Maodong; Chen, Zhenzhong; Chuah, Seong-Ping; Tan, Yap Peng
 2011Macroblock classification method for video applications involving motionsLin, Weiyao; Sun, Ming-Ting; Li, Hongxiang; Chen, Zhenzhong; Li, Wei; Zhou, Bing
 2012QoE analysis for scalable video adaptationLi, Maodong; Chen, Zhenzhong; Tan, Yap Peng
 2012QoE-aware resource allocation for scalable video transmission over multiuser MIMO-OFDM systemsLi, Maodong; Chen, Zhenzhong; Tan, Yap Peng
 2012QoE-driven cache management for HTTP adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming over wireless networksZhang, Weiwen; Wen, Yonggang; Chen, Zhenzhong; Khisti, Ashish
 2015Rate and Power Allocation for Joint Coding and Transmission in Wireless Video Chat ApplicationsChuah, Seong-Ping; Tan, Yap Peng; Chen, Zhenzhong
 2012Saliency detection in the compressed domain for adaptive image retargetingFang, Yuming; Chen, Zhenzhong; Lin, Weisi; Lin, Chia-Wen
 2013Scalable Resource Allocation for SVC Video Streaming Over Multiuser MIMO-OFDM NetworksLi, Maodong; Chen, Zhenzhong; Tan, Yap Peng
 2012A scalable resource allocation framework for SVC video transmissions over downlink MIMO-OFDM networksLi, Maodong; Chen, Zhenzhong; Tan, Yap Peng
2018Spatial-temporal distance metric embedding for time-specific POI recommendationDing, Ruifeng; Chen, Zhenzhong; Li, Xiaolei