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2019Beyond ranking loss : deep holographic networks for multi-label video searchChen, Zhuo; Lin, Jie; Wang, Zhe; Chandrasekhar, Vijay; Lin, Weisi
2019Localization of feminist translation in China : a case study of Lin Yutang’s translation of Fu Sheng Liu JiChen, Zhuo
2019Lossy intermediate deep learning feature compression and evaluationChen, Zhuo; Fan, Kui; Wang, Shiqi; Duan, Ling-Yu; Lin, Weisi; Kot, Alex
2016Spatial skill premium along the process of structural transformationQin, Jin; Chen, Zhuo; Zhao, Yunyi
2019Toward intelligent sensing : intermediate deep feature compressionChen, Zhuo; Fan, Kui; Wang, Shiqi; Duan, Lingyu; Lin, Weisi; Kot, Alex Chichung
 2018Unified no-reference quality assessment of singly and multiply distorted stereoscopic imagesJiang, Qiuping; Shao, Feng; Gao, Wei; Chen, Zhuo; Jiang, Gangyi; Ho, Yo-Sung