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 2012Efficient algorithms for generalized subgraph query processingBhowmick, Sourav S.; Cheng, James; Lin, Wenqing; Xiao, Xiaokui
 2012Fast algorithms for maximal clique enumeration with limited memoryCheng, James; Zhu, Linhong; Ke, Yiping; Chu, Shumo
 2012K-reach : who is in your small worldCheng, James; Shang, Zechao; Cheng, Hong; Wang, Haixun; Yu, Jeffrey Xu
 2012A model-based approach to attributed graph clusteringXu, Zhiqiang; Ke, Yiping; Wang, Yi; Cheng, Hong; Cheng, James
 2012Truss decomposition in massive networksWang, Jia; Cheng, James