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2019Assessing hydrological effects of bioretention cells for urban stormwater runoff in response to climatic changesWang, Mo; Zhang, Dongqing; Lou, Siwei; Hou, Qinghe; Liu, Yijie; Cheng, Yuning; Qi, Jinda; Tan, Soon Keat
2019Assessing performance of porous pavements and bioretention cells for stormwater management in response to probable climatic changesWang, Mo; Zhang, Dongqing; Cheng, Yuning; Tan, Soon Keat
2018Effect of a submerged zone and carbon source on nutrient and metal removal for stormwater by bioretention cellsWang, Mo; Zhang, Dongqing; Li, Yong; Hou, Qinghe; Yu, Yuying; Qi, Jinda; Fu, Weicong; Dong, Jianwen; Cheng, Yuning