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2020Development of small-molecule reporters for fluorescence imaging of enzymes function and applicationCheong, Haolun
 2018Nanoformulation of metal complexes : intelligent stimuli-responsive platforms for precision therapeuticsHu, Ming; Ai, Xiangzhao; Wang, Zhimin; Zhang, Zhijun; Cheong, Haolun; Zhang, Wenmin; Lin, Jun; Li, Juan; Yang, Huanghao; Xing, Bengang
2018Near-infrared light-mediated rare-earth nanocrystals: recent advances in improving photon conversion and alleviating the thermal effectLyu, Linna; Cheong, Haolun; Ai, Xiangzhao; Zhang, Wenmin; Li, Juan; Yang, HuangHao; Lin, Jun; Xing, Bengang
2018Spatiotemporal-controlled reporter for cell-surface proteolytic enzyme activity visualizationCheong, Haolun; Kim, Jisu; Mu, Jing; Zhang, Wenmin; Li, Juan; Yang, HuangHao; Xing, Bengang