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2003Behaviour of concrete flat plate slabs under general loadingTeng, Susanto.; Cheong, Hee Kiat.; Paulus Irawan.; Geng, Juanzeng.
2003Behaviour of concrete under triaxial stressCheong, Hee Kiat.; England, George L.; Tan, Teng Hooi.
2003Dynamic buckling analysis of structures subjected to vertical ground excitationsHao, Hong.; Cui, Shijie.; Cheong, Hee Kiat.
1989Experimental and analytical study of upgraded reinforced concrete beamsLiew, Sai Cheng.; Cheong, Hee Kiat.
2002Fire resistance analysis of steel structuresCheong, Hee Kiat.
2000Modelling damage in concrete structuresLee, Sai Cheng.; Cheong, Hee Kiat.
2002Strengthening of reinforced concrete beams with carbon fibre reinforced plasticsCheong, Hee Kiat.; MacAlevey, Niall F.
2003Structural upgrading of reinforced concrete beamsCheong, Hee Kiat.; MacAlevey, Niall F.
2002Use of blended cement in concrete and grout for strenght, durability and low heat generationCheong, Hee Kiat.; Lee, Sai Cheng.