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2014Communication : spin-boson model with diagonal and off-diagonal coupling to two independent baths : ground-state phase transition in the deep sub-Ohmic regimeYao, Yao; Chernyak, Vladimir; Zhao, Yang; Zhao, Yang
2013Disorder and spectral line shapes in two-level systemsShi, Wu-Jun; Chernyak, Vladimir; Zhao, Yang; Shenai, Prathamesh M.
2013Disorder influenced absorption line shapes of a chromophore coupled to two-level systemsShenai, Prathamesh M.; Chernyak, Vladimir; Zhao, Yang
2014Ground-state properties of sub-Ohmic spin-boson model with simultaneous diagonal and off-diagonal couplingZhou, Nengji; Chen, Lipeng; Zhao, Yang; Mozyrsky, Dima; Chernyak, Vladimir; Zhao, Yang
2015Polaron dynamics with a multitude of Davydov D2 trial statesZhou, Nengji; Huang, Zhongkai; Zhu, Jiangfeng; Chernyak, Vladimir; Zhao, Yang
1997Polarons, localization, and excitonic coherence in superradiance of biological antenna complexesMeier, Torsten; Zhao, Yang; Chernyak, Vladimir; Mukamel, Shaul
 1998Spin versus boson baths in nonlinear spectroscopyZhao, Yang; Chernyak, Vladimir; Mukamel, Shaul
 1999Superradiance coherence sizes in single-molecule spectroscopy of LH2 antenna complexesZhao, Yang; Meier, Torsten; Zhang, Wei Min; Chernyak, Vladimir; Mukamel, Shaul
2015Symmetry and the critical phase of the two-bath spin-boson model : ground-state propertiesZhou, Nengji; Chen, Lipeng; Xu, Dazhi; Chernyak, Vladimir; Zhao, Yang