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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005After London : the role of the micro air vehicle (MAV) in counter-terrorismChew, Alvin
2008The dynamics of global oil pricesChew, Alvin
2022EU energy crisis: to sanction or not?Chew, Alvin
2022Floating nuclear power plants: option for coastal regions?Chew, Alvin
2005How modern ammunitions can save livesChew, Alvin
2008Indonesia: from energy security to social securityChew, Alvin
2007Is nuclear energy a viable option for all?Chew, Alvin
2011Japan earthquake and tsunami : end for the nuclear industry?Chew, Alvin
2012Malaysia-Singapore energy cooperation : prospects and challengesChew, Alvin
2010Nuclear energy in Southeast Asia : competition or cooperation?Chew, Alvin
2009Nuclear energy: addressing the not-in-my-backyard syndromeChew, Alvin; Choi, Jor-Shan
2022Nuclear energy: political will most crucialChew, Alvin
2022Nuclear power plants: safe during war?Chew, Alvin
2016Nuclear terrorism: public education as effective counterChew, Alvin
2006Obstacles to military transformationChew, Alvin
2022Ocean the short film – a project bookKho, Shelby; Choo, Yen Ee; Chew, Alvin; Chua, Xin Yun; Kor, Brendan Mayle Chong Li; Yee, Adam; Song, Jazlyn Wen Ting; Sherelle
2007Prospects for an ASEAN nuclear cooperation : a common nuclear facility?Chew, Alvin
2005Singapore’s Next Fighter Project: Why the Eurofighter Typhoon is out of the raceChew, Alvin
2010UAE nuclear agreement : a model for Southeast Asia?Chew, Alvin
2009Underground nuclear power plant : why not?Chew, Alvin