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 2012Effects of CFD parameter variation on tidal energy resource assessmentAbundo, Michael Lochinvar Sim; Chew, Kok Hon; Koh, Martin Wei Xiang; Oh, Boon Kiat; Tan, Wilbur Hong Huat
 2014Offshore wind turbine jacket substructure : a comparison study between four-legged and three-legged designsChew, Kok Hon; Ng, E. Y. K.; Tai, Kang; Muskulus, Michael; Zwick, Daniel
2017Optimal structural design for offshore wind energy systemChew, Kok Hon
 2013Structural optimization and parametric study of offshore wind turbine jacket substructureTai, Kang; Muskulus, Michael; Zwick, Daniel; Ng, E. Y. K.; Chew, Kok Hon