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2007Expression, purification, and molecular characterization of plasmodium falciparum FK506-binding protein 35 (PfFKBP35)Yoon, Hye Rim; Kang, Cong Bao; Chia, Joel; Tang, Kai; Yoon, Ho Sup
2005The flexible loop of Bcl-2 is required for molecular interaction with immunosuppressant FK-506 binding protein 38 (FKBP38)Kang, Cong Bao; Tai, Jeff; Chia, Joel; Yoon, Ho Sup
2013Functional role of the flexible N-terminal extension of FKBP38 in catalysisYoon, Ho Sup; Choi, Bo-Hwa; Kang, CongBao; Ye, Hong; Chia, Joel; Dhe-Paganon, Sirano; Simon, Bernd; Schütz, Ulrike; Sattler, Michael
2005Molecular characterization of FK-506 binding protein 38 and its potential regulatory role on the anti-apoptotic protein Bcl-2Kang, Cong Bao; Feng, Lin; Chia, Joel; Yoon, Ho Sup
2012The natively disordered loop of Bcl-2 undergoes phosphorylation-dependent conformational change and interacts with Pin1Bharatham, Nagakumar; Chia, Joel; Mu, Yuguang; Baek, Kwanghee; Yoon, Ho Sup; Kang, CongBao