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2014Compact model characteristics for generic MIS-HEMTsChiah, Siau Ben; Ajaykumar, Arjun; Liu, Xu; Syamal, Binit; Zhou, Hong Tao; Zhou, Xing
2014Floating-body effect in partially/dynamically/fully depleted DG/SOI MOSFETs based on unified regional modeling of surface and body potentialsChiah, Siau Ben; Zhou, Xing
 2017A New Interpretation for the Anomalous Channel-Length Dependence of Low-Frequency Noise in Quasi-Ballistic TransistorsAjaykumar, Arjun; Zhou, Xing; Chiah, Siau Ben
 2012Unified regional approach to high temperature SOI DC/AC modelingChiah, Siau Ben; Zhou, Xing; Chen, Zuhui; Chen, Hung Ming
 2012Unified regional modeling of GaN HEMTs with the 2DEG and DD formalismZhang, Junbin; Syamal, Binit; Zhou, Xing; Chiah, Siau Ben; Zhou, Hongtao; Yuan, Li