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 2011Advanced control of series voltage compensation to enhance wind turbine ride throughZhang, Shao; Tseng, King Jet; Choi, San Shing; Nguyen, Trong Duy; Yao, Dai Lin
1998Analysis and control of a unified power flow controller systemZhu, Xin.
2003Analysis and design of step dynamic voltage regulator for power quality enhancementLiu, Jianwei.
2005Control of power systems and power electronic convertersFoo, Chek Fok; Choi, San Shing
2001Control of under excited synchronous generators in power systemsJia, Xiaoming
 2012Determination of short-term power dispatch schedule for a wind farm incorporated with dual-battery energy storage schemeYao, D. L.; Lie, T. T.; Choi, San Shing; Tseng, King Jet
2014Dish-Stirling Solar Power Plants: Modeling, Analysis, and Control of Receiver TemperatureLi, Yang; Choi, San Shing; Yang, Chun
2014Frequency control ancillary service provided by a wind farm : dual-BESS schemeLie, Tek Tjing; Yao, Dailin; Choi, San Shing; Tseng, King Jet
 2012Improving power system damping by utilizing VSC-HVDCLie, T. T.; Ruan, Si-Ye; Li, Guo-Jie; Choi, San Shing
 2012Mitigation of harmonics of DFIGs in DC-microgridsWei, Feng; Vilathgamuwa, D. Mahinda; Choi, San Shing
1997Neurofuzzy implementation of digital protection for power transmission systemsWang, Hui Sheng.
2001On aspects of dynamic voltage restorationLi, Baohua.
1996Optimal allocation of FACTS devices for improved economic dispatch in power systemsDeng, Wan Hong
1998Power quality improvement using a dynamic unified power quality conditioner (UPQC)Zhang, Yan Hong
2015基于经验模态分解和神经网络的微网混合储能容量优化配置 = Capacity optimization of hybrid energy storage systems in microgrid using empirical mode decomposition and neural network孙承晨 Sun Chengchen; 袁越 Yuan Yue; Choi, San Shing; 李梦婷 Li Mengting; 张新松 Zhang Xinsong; 曹阳 Cao Yang