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2019Metal‐free fast azidation by using tetrabutylammonium azide : effective synthesis of alkyl azides and well‐defined azido‐end polymethacrylatesWang, Chen-Gang; Chong, Amerlyn Ming Liing; Lu, Yunpeng; Liu, Xu; Goto, Atsushi
2021One reagent with two functions : simultaneous living radical polymerization and chain-end substitution for tailoring polymer dispersityWang, Chen-Gang; Chong, Amerlyn Ming Liing; Goto, Atsushi 
2020Recent development in halogen-bonding-catalyzed living radical polymerizationWang, Chen-Gang; Chong, Amerlyn Ming Liing; Pan, Matthew Houwen; Sarkar, Jit; Tay, Xiu Ting; Goto, Atsushi
2018Ultrafast azidation : a comprehensive kinetic study and the application on synthesizing well-defined azido-end polymethacrylatesChong, Amerlyn Ming Liing