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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Automation of data analysis and presentation through GUI in Windows environmentLi, Jing.
1998Cycle time reduction of a watch manufacturing line by using cycle time managementChan, Keng Mun.
2018Design and implementation of a communication network and operating system for an adaptive integrated hybrid AC/DC microgrid modulePan, Xuewei; Zhang, Longqi; Xiao, Jianfang; Choo, Fook Hoong; Rathore, Akshay K.; Wang, Peng
1992Development of a generalised inverter systemBal Raj Duggal; Foo, Chek Fok; Choo, Fook Hoong
2017Experimental investigation of multi-effect regenerator for desiccant dehumidifier: Effects of various regeneration temperatures and solution flow rates on system performancesDatta, Nirmalya; Chakraborty, Anutosh; Ali, Syed Muztuza; Choo, Fook Hoong
 2011Exploring inherent damping characteristic of LCL-filters for three-phase grid-connected voltage source invertersTang, Yi; Loh, Poh Chiang; Wang, Peng; Choo, Fook Hoong; Gao, Feng
 2011Generalized design of high performance shunt active power filter with output LCL filterTang, Yi; Loh, Poh Chiang; Wang, Peng; Choo, Fook Hoong; Gao, Feng; Blaabjerg, Frede
2019High jump of impinged droplets before Leidenfrost stateQiu, Lu; Dubey, Swapnil; Choo, Fook Hoong; Duan, Fei
1999Implementation of vector controlled induction motor drive using microcontrollerLi, Yue.
2017An Integral-Droop based Dynamic Power Sharing Control for Hybrid Energy Storage System in DC MicrogridLin, Pengfeng; Wang, Peng; Xu, Qianwen; Xiao, Jianfang; Inam, Ullah Nutkani; Choo, Fook Hoong
2016The jet impingement boiling heat transfer with ad hoc wall thermal boundary conditionsQiu, Lu; Dubey, Swapnil; Choo, Fook Hoong; Duan, Fei
2017Load and renewable energy forecasting for a microgrid using persistence techniqueDutta, Shreya; Li, Yanling; Venkataraman, Aditya; Costa, Luis M.; Jiang, Tianxiang; Plana, Robert; Tordjman, Philippe; Choo, Fook Hoong; Foo, Chek Fok; Püttgen, Hans Björn
2017A micro cogeneration system with LNG cold utilization-part 1 : energetic, economic and environmental analysesKanbur, Baris Burak; Xiang, Liming; Dubey, Swapnil; Choo, Fook Hoong; Duan, Fei
2018Multiobjective Thermoeconomic Optimization of the LNG Cold Utilized Micro-cogeneration SystemKanbur, Baris Burak; Dubey, Swapnil; Fei, Duan; Choo, Fook Hoong; Xiang, Liming
2015Operational adequacy studies of a PV-based & energy storage stand-alone microgridGao, Zhiyong; Püttgen, Hans B.; Koh, Leong Hai; Wang, Peng; Choo, Fook Hoong; Tseng, King-Jet
2017Point heat sink induced by droplet train impingementQiu, Lu; Dubey, Swapnil; Choo, Fook Hoong; Duan, Fei
 2012Portable solar desalination system using membrane distillationTan, F. L.; Prabu, M.; Al-Zahrani, Saeed M.; Choo, Fook Hoong
2014Power optimizer powerline communication system for smart hybrid dc-gridPaul, Rimson
1994Simulation of a flexible circuit board assembly (PCBA)Teo, Chin Heng.
2014Solar power optimizer for PV energy harvestingLin, Zhiren