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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Cartilage tissue engineering with silk fibroin scaffolds fabricated by indirect additive manufacturing technologyChen, Chih-Hao; Liu, Jolene Mei-Jun; Shyu, Victor Bong-Hang; Chen, Jyh-Ping; Chou, Siaw Meng; Chua, Chee Kai
2018Comparison of a simplified skin pointer device compared with a skeletal marker for knee rotation laxity : a cadaveric study using a rotation-meterPuah, Ken Lee; Yew, Andy Khye Soon; Chou, Siaw Meng; Lie, Denny Tijauw Tjoen
1998Computational analysis of ballistic impact on composite structuresLim, Wei Seong.
2016Controlling Polymer Digital Material Composition With LayeringShukri Abdul Jalil; Chou, Siaw Meng; Tai, Kang
1999Design of a moire scanning device for rapid and total body surface imaging in craniofacial/reconstructive surgerySim, Boon Tong.
 2011The development of silk fibroin scaffolds using an indirect rapid prototyping approach : morphological analysis and cell growth monitoring by spectral-domain optical coherence tomographyChou, Siaw Meng; Liu, M. J. J.; Chua, C. K.; Tay, B. C. M.; Ng, B. K.
2003Effect of gripping, strain rate and freeze storage on the tensile properties of tendonsNg, Boon Ho.
 2012The effect of specimen geometry on the mechanical behavior of trabecular bone specimensChou, Siaw Meng; Ang, B. L. S.; Tan, Y. J.; Ng, Y. J. P.; Ong, S. H. F.; Yap, S. Y.; Gwee, S. X.; Poh, C. L.; Yew, K. S.
2004Effects of electrical stimulation on tendon repairGoh, Sin Suan
2017Externalised locking compression plate as an alternative to the unilateral external fixator : a biomechanical comparative study of axial and torsional stiffnessAng, B. F. H.; Chen, J. Y.; Yew, A. K. S.; Chua, S. K.; Chou, Siaw Meng; Chia, S. L.; Koh, J. S. B.; Howe, T. S.
2002Flexor tendon repairLoh, Leonard Kwok Weng.
2002Generation of a fibroblast stromal layer and an evaluation of other works on stromal layers and dendritic cellsLim, Tee Yong.
 2012Improving the process of making rapid prototyping models from medical ultrasound imagesVaezi, Mohammad; Chua, Chee Kai; Chou, Siaw Meng
2002In-vitro study of the effect of needle perforations on the tensile strength of tendonsYeoh, Esmond Soon Hui
2004Mechanical testing of spinal implantsLee, Chuen Kum.
2014A normative anatomic study of the glenohumeral joint and rotator cuff tendonsManoharan, Vivek; Tan, Soon Huat; Chou, Siaw Meng; Yew, Andy Khye Soon; Lie, Denny Tijauw Tjoen; Sheng, Jia-Min
 2017A novel phase-aligned analysis on motion patterns of table tennis strokesZhang, Zhiqing; Halkon, Ben; Chou, Siaw Meng; Qu, Xingda
2015Shoulder Joint Angle Errors Caused by Marker OffsetZhang, Zhiqing; Halkon, Ben; Chou, Siaw Meng; Qu, Xingda
2000A study on a new surgical approach for posterior cervical systemsKam, Boon Horng
2005Testing of biomatrix constructLeong, Heng Weng.