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2018Comparative epidemiology of vancomycin-resistant enterococci colonization in an acute-care hospital and its affiliated intermediate- and long-term care facilities in SingaporeTan, Damon; Htun, Htet Lin; Koh, Jocelyn; Kanagasabai, Kala; Lim, Jia-Wei; Hon, Pei-Yun; Ang, Brenda; Chow, Angela
2018Correlation of clinical illness with viremia in Zika virus disease during an outbreak in SingaporeNg, Deborah H. L.; Ho, Hanley J.; Chow, Angela; Wong, Joshua; Kyaw, Win Mar; Tan, Adriana; Chia, Po Ying; Choy, Chiaw Yee; Tan, Glorijoy; Yeo, Tsin Wen; Leo, Yee Sin
2021Epidemiology and transmission of carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae in a health care network of an acute-care hospital and its affiliated intermediate- and long-term-care facilities in SingaporeAung, Aung-Hein; Kanagasabai, Kala; Koh, Jocelyn; Hon, Pei-Yun; Ang, Brenda; Lye, David C.; Chen, Swaine L.; Chow, Angela
 2018Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus colonisation : epidemiological and molecular characteristics in an acute-care tertiary hospital in SingaporeHtun, Htet Lin; Kyaw, Win Mar; de Sessions, Paola Flórez; Low, Louie; Hibberd, Martin Lloyd; Chow, Angela; Leo, Yee Sin
2020Performance of digital contact tracing tools for COVID-19 response in Singapore : cross-sectional studyHuang, Zhilian; Guo, Huiling; Lee, Yee-Mun; Ho, Eu Chin; Ang, Hou; Chow, Angela
2019Risk factors and treatment outcomes of severe Clostridioides difficile infection in SingaporeTay, Hui Lin; Chow, Angela; Ng, Tat Ming; Lye, David C.
2020Risk prediction models to guide antibiotic prescribing : a study on adult patients with uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infections in an emergency departmentWong, Joshua Guoxian; Aung, Aung-Hein; Lian, Weixiang; Lye, David Chien; Ooi, Chee-Kheong; Chow, Angela
2020Use of a real-time locating system for contact tracing of health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic at an infectious disease center in Singapore : validation studyHo, Hanley J.; Zhang, Zoe Xiaozhu; Huang, Zhilian; Aung, Aung Hein; Lim, Wei-Yen; Chow, Angela