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 2020Bright exciton fine-structure in two-dimensional lead halide perovskitesDo, Thi Thu Ha; del Aguila, Andres Granados; Zhang, Dong; Xing, Jun; Liu, Sheng; Prosnikov, M. A.; Gao, Weibo; Chang, Kai; Christianen, Peter C. M.; Xiong, Qihua
2021Direct observation of magnon-phonon strong coupling in two-dimensional antiferromagnet at high magnetic fieldsLiu, Sheng; Del Águila, Andrés Granados; Bhowmick, Dhiman; Gan, Chee Kwan; Thu Ha Do, T.; Prosnikov, M. A.; Sedmidubský, David; Sofer, Zdenek; Christianen, Peter C. M.; Sengupta, Pinaki; Xiong, Qihua
2022Signature of ultrafast formation and annihilation of polaronic states in a layered ferromagnetYin, Tingting; You, Jing-Yang; Huang, Yuqing; Do, Thi Thu Ha; Prosnikov, Mikail A.; Zhao, Weijie; Serra, Marco; Christianen, Peter C. M.; Sofer, Zdenek; Sun, Handong; Feng, Yuan Ping; Xiong, Qihua