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1996Computer aided decoration of ceramic tablewareChua, Chee Kai.
2000Design and development of bio-medical devices using rapid prototyping techniquesChua, Chee Kai.; Leong, Kah Fai.; Lin, Feng.
2007Design and development of tissue engineering scaffolds for the regeneration of human tissues and organs via the integration of advanced computer-based medical imaging and engineering technologiesChua, Chee Kai.; Leong, Kah Fai.; Margram Chandrasekaran.
2004Development of integrated system for reverse engineering for biomedical devicesChua, Chee Kai.
2000Development of three-dimensional object forming systemGong, Thomas Haiqing.; Chua, Chee Kai.; Lee, Yong Tsui.
2003Rapid design prototyping and toolingLee, Yong Tsui.; Chua, Chee Kai.; Gong, Thomas Haiqing.; Lim, Chu Sing.
1999Study of the characteristics of a total knee replacement prosthesisChua, Chee Kai.; Khoo, Li Pheng.