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2009Antenna-in-package design for wirebond interconnection to highly integrated 60-GHz radiosWai, L. L.; Sun, Mei; Liu, Duixian; Zhang, Yue Ping; Chua, Kai Meng
2005Circuit model of microstrip patch antenna on ceramic land grid array package for antenna-chip codesign of highly integrated RF transceiversWang, Jun Jun; Zhang, Yue Ping; Chua, Kai Meng; Lu, Albert Chee Wai
2009Integration of grid array antenna in chip package for highly integrated 60-GHz radiosGuo, Y. X.; Wai, L. L.; Sun, Mei; Zhang, Yue Ping; Chua, Kai Meng
2008Integration of Yagi antenna in LTCC package for differential 60-GHz radioGaucher, B. P.; Wai, L. L.; Zhang, Yue Ping; Sun, Mei; Liu, Duixian; Chua, Kai Meng