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2012The characteristics of open cavity flow with a length to depth ratio of 4Pey, Yin Yin; Chua, Leok Poh; Siauw, Wei Long
1998Development of a new non-invasive ventilation systemLi, Nan.
2000Development of techniques for making an X-wire probe and building a data acquisition system to process the X-wire signalsChua, Leok Poh; Liu, Chang Yu
1992Development of techniques for making hot-wire probes and a portable hot-wire calibration deviceChua, Leok Poh; Liu, Chang Yu
2001In-vitro steady & pulsatile flow characteristics in proximal anastomotic models : a PIV studyTam, Wei Phern
2000Investigation of flow characteristics of a magnetically suspended impeller of a centrifugal blood pumpChua, Leok Poh; Chan, Weng Kong; Akamatsu, Teruaki
2002Investigation of two dimensional flow in stenotic arteriesXue, Qiang.
2000Measurement of an enlarged blood pump modelLeo, Hua Liang.
2004Measurements in a 5:1 enlarged bio-centrifugal pump modelOng, Kang Shiu.
2004Measurements in a 5:1 enlarged bio-centrifugal pump modelOng, Kang Shiu.
2004Measurements of a heated square jetLi, Yanfeng.
2000Measurements of a square jetTung, Seok Cheng.
2003Mixing characteristics of single and coaxial square jetsWang, Xikun.
 2012Mixing due to a heated elliptic air jetZhang, Kenny Zhenkuan; Chua, Leok Poh
 2014Perspective on CFD studies of coronary artery disease lesions and hemodynamics: A reviewZhang, Jun-Mei; Zhong, Liang; Su, Boyang; Wan, Min; Yap, Jinq Shya; Tham, Jasmine P. L.; Chua, Leok Poh; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Tan, Ru San
1994Theoretical and experimental study of wind tunnel design parametersLiu, Chang Yu; Kwok, Stephen Woon Tou; Chua, Leok Poh
 2011Validation of an axial flow blood pump : computational fluid dynamics results using particle image velocimetrySu, Boyang; Chua, Leok Poh; Wang, Xikun