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2014Comparison between response surface models and artificial neural networks in hydrologic forecastingYu, Jianjun; Qin, Xiaosheng; Larsen, Ole; Chua, Lloyd Hock Chye
2005Comparisons of sidewall correction of bed shear stress in open-channel flowsCheng, Nian-Sheng; Chua, Lloyd Hock Chye
 2011The data-driven approach as an operational real-time flood forecasting modelNguyen, Phuoc Khac-Tien; Chua, Lloyd Hock Chye
 2012Influence of lag time on event-based rainfall–runoff modeling using the data driven approachTalei, Amin; Chua, Lloyd Hock Chye
 2012Predicting time-dependent pier scour depth with support vector regressionHong, Jian-Hao; Goyal, Manish Kumar; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Chua, Lloyd Hock Chye
 2012Treatment of baseflow from an urban catchment by a floating wetland systemSim, C. H.; Chua, Lloyd Hock Chye; Tan, Stephen Boon Kean; Goyal, Manish Kumar