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2011Asian parenting, parental control and adolescent's reactive/proactive aggression : effortful control as a moderatorChua, Michelle Hui Xuan
2011Effects of parental control, guan and warmth on adolescent aggressionTan, Heidi Rui Ying; Chua, Michelle Hui Xuan; Lee, Xinyi; Ng, Jing Xiu
2011Mediating effects of parent-child attachment on the relation between guan and aggressionLee, Xinyi; Chua, Michelle Hui Xuan; Ng, Jing Xiu; Tan, Heidi Rui Ying
2011Reactive and proactive aggression : effects of psychological control, behavioral control and attachmentNg, Jing Xiu; Chua, Michelle Hui Xuan; Lee, Xinyi; Tan, Heidi Rui Ying